Friday, May 1, 2009

Time for a new post?... I think so.

Life is so crazy busy... blogging has become such a hard thing lately. It's very time consuming to make "blog copies" of all of my photos that I want to post and I've been frustrated lately because blogger and flickr just kill my pictures. I wish all of you could see them the way that I see them. The color just doesn't come through the way it should. However, there's really nothing I can do about it... so I will keep blogging on!

This beautiful girl is my niece and she is graduating this spring... and moving away from me (sob. sob.) :( You're probably thinking, didn't you already post senior pictures of this girl? Well, the answer is "yes" but she's so different now than she was then and so am I. So this is our updated version of her Senior Pics. She mostly wanted head shots and so that is what she got.



I absolutely love this location.





And I think this one below is the winner for announcements. Pretty darn cute, don't you think? Love this girl!






I like to post at least one or two photos of each session I do (at least) and lately I have seriously fallen behind. Let's hope I can catch up within the next couple weeks because how sad? :(