Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hunter = Stud!!

I don't know if it was because he knew he was getting ice cream after our photo shoot or what, but he was quite the poser!


Hunter Blog2


You wouldn't believe he's turning four by the looks of this next photo... such a mature look in his eyes.


I was very impressed with his facial expressions... totally PRO!


I think he has such gorgeous eyes! And those eyelashes are to die for! Why was I not so lucky in this area?


These last photos were shot in direct sunlight which can be tricky. I really just loved the area so much that I wanted to try some shots there. It was a challenge but I'm happy with how they turned out.

Hunter Blog1

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Olivia & Owen

Such cute names for two adorable little kids. Olivia definitely was done with this picture taking business from the minute she walked in the door. You can only imagine what goes through a little girl's mind as this strange woman is coming after her with this large black contraption. I would probably be mortified as a one-year old as well.


However, I do love both of these shots. Just a hint of a smile in both of their eyes... which is just enough. Perfect!


Such a cute little guy. Well done on the outfit, Mom!


Her hair and eye combination is so beautiful. Rarely do you see a red head with awesome brown eyes like this. Such a pretty girl!




Our last attempt to get these two together. Honestly, I still don't have a good shot with my two children together. If they're not willing, then they're not willing and that's the way it is. But I still love these for the fact that they're candid... my fav!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Jones Family

Remember little Asher? This time he brought the rest of his fam. Here's big brother Carson... such a stud!


The fam.



What? Could this kid be for real? He is very big into trains and how perfect was it that we were right by the UTA trains. I'm pretty sure when he made this face, he heard the train coming. Awesome!


Such a poser! Who could ask for anything more?




Carson & Asher2copy

Isn't Asher's mommy so pretty? Gorgeous eyes!

Tashina & Aaron1copy


Well, cute Jones's... it was so fun capturing your family. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Young Love

This next post is quite pic heavy. I could not get enough of these two!! I'm proud to announce that this is my first engagement photo shoot and I couldn't have asked for anything more.

Mackenzie & Brad1copy

So I have kind of a funny, yet sad story to tell about this little alley way. This is where we actually began our shoot and I felt like I got all the pictures I wanted at this location but as we were walking back to the car I was holding my camera up to my face and walking at the same time while checking out a doorway... bad idea!! There was a huge patch of uneven ice and I completely slipped and fell into a huge puddle of mud!! What about my camera, you ask?? Well, that would be the reason I let myself fall into the puddle because otherwise I would've had to land on my camera. Not a scratch on that baby! But I was left to walk around Salt Lake City with my whole backside covered in mud! These two were so nice to let me sit in their car on a tarp!... seriously! I now wish I would've had them take a picture of me just for a keepsake. Oh well! Lesson learned: DO NOT walk with camera in face over patches of ice!

Mackenzie & Brad17copy

Mackenzie & Brad2copy

Isn't she such a beautiful girl? I'm totally lovin' her hair!

Mackenzie & Brad3copy

And this location was almost like photographers in years past had placed this little vintage bench right against this brick wall and said "let them come and take pictures." I was completely in awe of how perfect this little setting was!

Mackenzie & Brad4copy

Mackenzie & Brad14copy

Mackenzie & Brad16copy

Gorgeous!! Need I say more?


So these bookstore shots are totally against everything I've learned as a photographer... florescent lighting is of the devil! But how could I resist with that amazing chair and all the fun books in the background? I'm actually quite happy with how these turned out considering it's not natural light. I think I want to go back and steal that orange chair... no, not steal, ask how much they would sell it to me for... I want it, I NEED it!!

Mackenzie & Brad8copy

And, no, this is not the same white brick wall I used in the last pictures... for some reason I seemed to be drawn to these.

Mackenzie & Brad11copy

Mackenzie & Brad13copy

Location. Location. Location.

This is my mom and her hubby, Rick. The point of this photo shoot was not only to get some fun shots of these two together but to find some fun new locations. I'm happy they were both so eager to help me out.

Mom & Rick1copy

I just figured out how to do this new black and white technique and I'm lovin' it! You will probably see it a lot more in photos to come.

Mom & Rick3copy

Mom & Rick2copy

Mom & Rick5copy

Mom & Rick10copy

Mom & Rick6copy

Isn't this last one so sassy? I was laughing my guts out when she pulled out these moves. Way to go, Mom!


Hmmmmm... I seem to be drawn to brick walls.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What a BABE!!

It was so fun to shoot this little girl. I think I took well over 200 pictures of her. She is so beautiful and so smart! She'll be turning 2 this month and the best part is... we share the same birthday! Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

Keana Blog2

Oh, and this chair was a killer deal. I found two of them on KSL for $35 each. Which is perfect because I've been lacking a chair for my computer desk. I love good finds on KSL!!


Is she a doll or what? I love that she's enhancing her already super voluptuous lips with lip gloss. And her smile is perfect... you can tell that she's lovin' her now found friend.

Keana Blog


Once again, on these last two, I just can't decide which one I like better (color or B&W). Both were too good not share!



Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mr. GQ

Oh, how cute is he?! His little outfit is so GQ. It's all about the layers, baby! Love it!



Cute little family, aren't they?


Look at these eyes! So sweet!



Turn and pose. Even the little guy did it! Awesome!


This one is probably my favorite. You wouldn't know it, but there was actually, what seemed to be, a homeless man sitting just a few feet away from this location. I was trying to make noises to get this little boy's attention and I guess I woke the man up from his beauty rest and he said, "Don't do that!" Oops! Sorry! We were tempted to throw him in one of the pictures just for a keepsake. ;)


And the fam again. Great job, guys! It was fun meeting you!