Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Young Love

This next post is quite pic heavy. I could not get enough of these two!! I'm proud to announce that this is my first engagement photo shoot and I couldn't have asked for anything more.

Mackenzie & Brad1copy

So I have kind of a funny, yet sad story to tell about this little alley way. This is where we actually began our shoot and I felt like I got all the pictures I wanted at this location but as we were walking back to the car I was holding my camera up to my face and walking at the same time while checking out a doorway... bad idea!! There was a huge patch of uneven ice and I completely slipped and fell into a huge puddle of mud!! What about my camera, you ask?? Well, that would be the reason I let myself fall into the puddle because otherwise I would've had to land on my camera. Not a scratch on that baby! But I was left to walk around Salt Lake City with my whole backside covered in mud! These two were so nice to let me sit in their car on a tarp!... seriously! I now wish I would've had them take a picture of me just for a keepsake. Oh well! Lesson learned: DO NOT walk with camera in face over patches of ice!

Mackenzie & Brad17copy

Mackenzie & Brad2copy

Isn't she such a beautiful girl? I'm totally lovin' her hair!

Mackenzie & Brad3copy

And this location was almost like photographers in years past had placed this little vintage bench right against this brick wall and said "let them come and take pictures." I was completely in awe of how perfect this little setting was!

Mackenzie & Brad4copy

Mackenzie & Brad14copy

Mackenzie & Brad16copy

Gorgeous!! Need I say more?


So these bookstore shots are totally against everything I've learned as a photographer... florescent lighting is of the devil! But how could I resist with that amazing chair and all the fun books in the background? I'm actually quite happy with how these turned out considering it's not natural light. I think I want to go back and steal that orange chair... no, not steal, ask how much they would sell it to me for... I want it, I NEED it!!

Mackenzie & Brad8copy

And, no, this is not the same white brick wall I used in the last pictures... for some reason I seemed to be drawn to these.

Mackenzie & Brad11copy

Mackenzie & Brad13copy