Sunday, November 8, 2009

Off Camera Flash... an experiment

Tonight I tried a little experiment with my speedlight. A couple weeks ago I went to a small portion of a workshop called "Rock that OCF (off camera flash)" with Ali Hohn. And by no means am I an expert in this area at all... but I was so curious to try it out for myself to see what I could come up with. Btw, because of scheduling conflicts I wasn't able to attend the entire workshop but I am so there when she comes in the Spring!!

Here are some of the results... flash was once not my friend... and now look how fun!


These two are always the guinea pigs when I want to try something new. They're such good sports.


And could it be? Yup, it's me. I decided I wanted something new for my blog so Will took a couple for me. He did a great job! I'm pretty excited to experiment more with this. It's opened up a whole other world of photography for me and how cool is that?


You can view more of me here. I know you're dying to... ha, ha, ha!