Sunday, July 26, 2009

These Two...

Yesterday I had the opportunity to hang out with a very talented photographer named Ashley {jada love photography}.

We shared ideas and techniques and had a grand 'ol time getting to know each other. These two boys are her nephews and, yes, they are twins. I love photographing twins because they're so interesting. These two had me confused the whole time on who was who. It didn't help that they were wearing the exact same outfit... but so cute, nonetheless!

These first four shots were taken by Ashley and edited by me. Her style is a lot more angled than mine which I've decided that I need to add that into my photography vocabulary... makes for some very interesting pictures.

Check out how their heads are leaning exactly the same. Not planned. Twins just do that sort of thing! :)





And these last shots were taken by me and edited by me. Crazy how much taller the one is over the other, huh? Every time someone mentioned it the boys would respond by saying, "he was born a minute before me." (meaning the taller one.) So funny!


I love the turquoise with the lime green. So fun!




Most of the time we just let the boys do their thing. And those were some of my favorite shots. They did so good! And I really had such a fun time hanging out with you, Ashley. I'm actually really sad that you live so far away because I'd say let's do it more often. I hope you learned a lot!