Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Big Reveal

As promised...
I'm so excited that I finally get to share these with you. This was my first real bridal session and I think I got pretty lucky. This girl is extremely gorgeous and although we struggled throughout our session (who would've thought that trains actually still do use train tracks... sheesh!) she was a sweetheart throughout it all.

Brittany 010pscopy

So at this fabulous location we had two trains come as we were trying to shoot. The second train was not too friendly. The conductor was yelling and screaming obscenities at us and then actually completely stopped the train!!! Seriously?? Yeah, seriously!! We were not about to sit around and see what he had to say so we booked it. I was so sad, though, because we had just started and I had so many ideas there... dang it! Luckily, this girl's soon to be cousin knew of another train bridge that was "inactive." So we headed to our second location...

Brittany 005pscopy

Brittany 026pscopy

Brittany 024psbwcopy

And here's the second train bridge. It offers a completely different feel, which I like... so we got very lucky!

Brittany 046pscopy

Brittany 053pscopy

Brittany 056pscopy

Brittany 063psbwcopy

This next one is my absolute favorite...

Brittany 071psbwcopy

Brittany 080pscopy

Brittany 082pscopy

Brittany 105pscopy

And one last one with her cute pink flip-flops. Gotta love the pink!

Brittany 125pscopy