Saturday, April 10, 2010

WPPI 2010


(in camera radial blur, no photoshop... taught to me by Miss Jessica Kettle)

I had the most amazing experience at WPPI this year. It reminded me of why I made the decision to become a photographer. I love making something beautiful for someone else and I love that they'll be able to hold on to a moment that they don't want to forget. It made me re-evaluate the way I was running my business as well... in a good way! :)

I'm so happy there are so many talented and smart photographers out there that are willing to take time out of their lives to share what works for them. I swear in every class I was like... "I wanna be more like that..." or "I wanna do that!" There was a lot of good stuff going around! But mostly, I want to connect with my clients. I think on some levels I do, but there are times that I know I could do better. So that is my goal this year. I want to implement fun and meaningful experiences in my shoots and I'm hoping with each one I can accomplish that.

This is probably what I looked like the whole time... just in awe! LOL!


Now on to the fun... These are the lovely ladies that I got to hang out with while in Vegas and let's just say we're all posers!!

Good 'ol Victoria's Secret... yes, we did some shopping. Much needed girl time.

Tip that I learned from Audrey Woulard... all of my pictures were shot in jpeg vivid. I don't know if Canon has the setting listed exactly the same in camera but on Nikon you can change your Picture Control to VIVID and it is pretty amazing what your SOOC looks like. For some reason with raw you lose the brightness so you have to shoot in jpeg. I barely did a thing to all of my pictures and the color is pretty powerful. Try it!!

Here is Miss Marissa Vargason...














Ashley Hawkes. This night we actually were lucky enough to get to hang out with the lovely Ali Hohn from "Rock that OCF." And so these shots take on a totally different feel using off camera flash at the Venetian. Thank you Miss Ali for showing me the ways... you are so talented, lady! And so fun too!





Thanks for a wonderful trip, ladies! Until next time! Muah!