Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dress Ups

This little photo shoot was a dream come true for my little girl. She had the excitement of a bride putting on her wedding dress on her wedding day. I'm not kidding... it was magical for her.

I am so in love with these designs. They are from none other than the fabulous FAIRY WONDERFUL.

These are new dress designs which come with two parts. The first is the dress itself and then the second is the tulle overlay. So you can mix and match the colors to your hearts desire. How awesome would these be for flower girl dresses?



I absolutely love the little tiny rosettes in this first one. Probably one of my very favorites.




So just to give you an idea... this cream tulle overlay in these next photos is the same overlay that I used on the first dress. What a fun and creative idea! And there is seriously about 10-15 other dresses that I have yet to photograph. I'm so excited to share all of them with you.