Monday, October 19, 2009

Let's hear it for the boys...

I just can't get enough of this picture... the entire time I was editing it I could not stop smiling. Doesn't it just crack you up? This is Kami with her four extremely fun and adorable brothers. And, believe it or not, she actually has one more brother that wasn't able to make it to the ceremony. I could just tell that this family is no stranger to fun and enjoys being with one another. It was such a fun day and I'm so happy that these boys were such good sports. There was no warning for them that bare legs were going to be required and they did it with very little complaining! ;)


Oh, and sorry for all the one-picture-posts. I really have so many things I want to share and hope to be able to do it soon! Honestly, it's become the story of my life... please stay tuned for more... this week, I promise!!