Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A little explanation...

So let's be honest here... I have not been a good blogger and quite frankly, I kinda forgot about my blog. Sad huh. I am the worst at keeping it up and all I can really blame it on is lack of motivation due to my little bun in the oven. My days consist of trying not to sit at my computer desk longer than I have to because it seriously is so painful to sit for so long. I am 28 weeks now and carrying this baby so low that a girl recently told me... "it looks like it's going to fall right out!" (Really?, I thought.) That's when I realized um, yeah, it is low isn't it? I am dying and I still have FOREVER to go. So pathetic, I know, but this pregnancy has been dragging on. I am so eager to meet this little mystery human being. I can't even imagine what our life is going to be like with a new babe in the house. So here is my apology, again, I am so extremely sorry for the lack in blog posts. However, I do have to say that if you are friends with me on facebook... I have uploaded bits and pieces of sessions there. It's kinda all I can do right now. So find me on facebook and, hopefully, in the meantime, this blog can get some love.




A post does deserve some pictures, though, right? Check out the sweetest little boy I've ever known. I cannot get over his cute little face in the ornament. Merry Christmas to all!