Saturday, August 21, 2010

Computer Issues...

Uh, hello?... is anyone there? Does anyone even look at this blog anymore? (LOL!) I'm writing to say that I really have so much to blog about. Like, sooooo much... to name a few... three weddings, seniors from back in spring, bridals and engagements, family sessions etc, etc. and it just isn't happening for now. My computer (imac) is totally dying. Therefore, a lot of my work has been put on hold. My dear hubby is actually on the phone with apple tech support as I type this. It's been diagnosed with needing a new hard drive and I've been spending all my waking working hours to back up all of my files to get it ready for this little undertaking. Problem is, when you have a bad hard drive then it makes it even harder to copy files over. Overall, it hasn't been easy. I want to swear at it everyday... but I don't... but I do cry from time to time. And when that starts happening I just have to walk away and make hubby take over. He is so much better at the techy stuff and, oh, did I mention that I'm pregnant?? Um, yup... so throw that in there and basically you have one frustrated and stressed out girl... plus, super hungry and tired ALL the time. I have to thank my dear clients for being so patient and understanding with me. This has been the worst. Really, the worst. I'm hoping to have this all resolved within the next week but seems like we keep running into unexpected problems along the way that keep setting us back. Just not sure I love macs as much as I used to. They just don't last. (I've only had the computer for a year and a half and this is the second item I've had to have replaced. I can't stress enough... buy the extended warranty!! You will need it!)

Thanks for listening... I'll keep you posted.